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You will be able to apply to those sets using the Pupillage Gateway to recruit when the recruitment window opens, please check here for details. Before the recruitment period commences, we recommend that you save yourself some time and start filling in the Practice Application Form, the saved contents of which will be copied across to the first application you make to a Gateway set.

1 August 2020 (118 days)
Posted 173 days ago
We are looking for pupils who are keen to pursue a career in the area of Family Law with the ability to undertake some Civil work on occasions. We are the longest established set in Northampton and...
22 July 2020 (108 days)
Posted 86 days ago
Government lawyers provide a range of legal services to a number of government organisations, including central Whitehall departments. They undertake interesting and high quality legal work and have...
7 May 2020 (32 days)
Posted 12 days ago
We are a civil law set based next to the Royal Courts of Justice. We cover a range of practice areas including public law, professional discipline and regulatory, commercial and construction law...
5 February 2021 (306 days)
Posted 50 days ago
Temple Tax Chambers continues its process of expansion and recruitment. Applications for pupillage with a view to tenancy are invited from established tax practitioners. This category includes transferring...