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3PB - 12 Months - October 2022

AETO information
Name of AETO:
3PB 3 Paper Buildings
Head of AETO:
David Berkley QC
Address of AETO:
3 Paper Buildings
AETO's email:
AETO's website address:
Practice areas:
Commercial; Employment; Family; Personal Injury; Property and Land; Public Law; Regulatory; Crime; Education
Specialist services:
London; Western; Midlands
Number of junior tenancies (in the last three years):
Pupillage vacancy information
Number of pupillages:
Financial support level:
£30,000 - £39,999
Closing date:
8 February 2021 at 11:00 AM
Pupillage start date:
4 October 2022
Pupillage type:
12 month pupillage
3PB is a highly regarded, multi-disciplinary, friendly and inclusive set with plenty of quality work and offering excellent prospects for excellent pupils across our six centres. We pride ourselves on our open, transparent and fair recruitment processes.


A pupillage with 3PB is unique. You will work with 3-5 pupil supervisors over your twelve months and learn the full range of barristerial skills with targeted feedback. In addition, we provide our internal structured pupillage education programme, designed to give you that extra knowledge and edge when you get into court. We have an excellent pastoral system to ease you through those first few difficult months and we genuinely want you to succeed.
We offer a total pupillage award of £35,000 [£15,000 (tax free) in your First Six and guaranteed earnings of £20,000 in your Second Six] plus additional benefits, including free private healthcare. Detailed information about your pupillage training and other benefits can be found on our website at


We do not have a template for our pupils, but we do look for strong evidence of:

• Intellectual ability, which includes achievements outside the confines of university
• Good judgment
• Ability to deal with people
• Drive and Determination
• A commitment to the Bar and to 3PB and an understanding of what being a barrister means.
• Experience of public speaking, whether it be mooting, debating or other ways of presenting information.

We take your application to us very seriously and so our process is thorough and painstaking.

We are looking for four pupils to start in 2022. Our first-round interviews will be by Zoom on 8th-10th April 2021. Second round interviews will be held in person (COVID-19 permitting) on 23rd & 24th April 2021. You can find out more about the recruitment process, start dates and about our six centres on our website. And you see the quality of our pupils from our helpful “To Pupillage & Beyond” webinars which you can view here:

We are particularly looking for someone who wishes to undertake a primarily Criminal pupillage in Wessex and also for someone who wishes to undertake a primarily family pupillage.


Pupillage doesn't guarantee you a tenancy at 3PB, but we treat every pupil within Chambers as a potential candidate. You will not be in competition with the other pupils, but with yourself.
Application Questions

The following questions will form the Pupillage Application Questionnaire section of the application form for this pupillage vacancy. These are included here to allow you to prepare in advance.

  1. BC1: Why do you believe you will make a good barrister? In your answer, please identify any relevant experiences or skills that you believe may help you in your career (200 words)
  2. BC2: Why do you want to join our chambers? In your answer, please give reasons for your choice of chambers and explain why you are interested in our areas of practice (200 words)
  3. What advocacy experience do you have? Please describe one occasion on which you believe your advocacy made a difference and why. (100 words)
  4. Tell us about a mistake you have made. How did you rectify it and what did you learn? (250 words)
  5. Describe an obstacle that you have had to overcome and how you dealt with it. (250 words)
  6. Tell us about a time you had difficulties with another person or group of people. What steps did you personally take to resolve the difficulties? (250 words)
  7. Please tell us about a judgment in the last 12 months that you think is important, explaining why it is important. (200 words)
How to apply
To apply, please click on the Apply Online link below and then complete the online application form.