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KCH Garden Square (Civil) - 12 months - July 2022

AETO information
Name of AETO:
KCH Garden Square
Head of AETO:
Jonathon Dee
Address of AETO:
1 Oxford Street, Nottingham
96a New Walk, Leicester
NG1 5BH / LE1 7EA
AETO's website address:
Main practice area:
Crime, Civil, Family
Practice areas:
Test Crime; Crime; Family; Civil
Specialist services:
Public Access Work; Mediation; Pro Bono
Number of junior tenancies (in the last three years):
Pupillage vacancy information
Number of pupillages:
Financial support level:
£20,000 - £29,999
Closing date:
9 February 2022 at 2:00 PM
Pupillage start date:
July 2022
Pupillage type:
12 month pupillage

1. KCH Garden Square is a large, progressive, inclusive and well respected set based in the East Midlands. With centres in Nottingham and Leicester and around 60 tenants, KCH Garden Square has a significant presence on the Midland Circuit.

2. We offer specialist counsel in all areas of civil, family and criminal work and are ranked as a ‘Leading Set’ on the Midlands Circuit in the 2022 Legal 500. The Civil & Family Team has a number of its members ranked in the 2022 Legal 500 as Leading Juniors and Rising Stars, across all tiers. To this end, we enjoy an excellent reputation for high standards of advocacy, expertise and professionalism whilst remaining approachable to both our professional and lay clients.

3. We enjoy a strong local practice across the Midlands, meaning our members and pupils do not have to embark upon frequent, lengthy journeys to court centres out of area. Our busy practice means pupils and junior tenants have access to higher quality work than may otherwise be the case, given their lack of seniority. Junior members therefore enjoy interesting and rewarding work which accelerates their professional development, supported by our friendly, dedicated practice managers and administrative staff.

4. KCH Garden Square is managed as two separate teams, the ‘Crime Team’ and the ‘Civil & Family Team’. As part of our ongoing recruitment and expansion due to high levels of work, we are looking to recruit 2 pupils into each team.

5. One of the pupils we recruit will be trained in civil litigation, in particular housing, landlord & tenant, commercial and property disputes. That pupil will also be trained in family financial remedies litigation.

6. Pupillage is offered with a view to tenancy and is for a period of 12 months. We do not recruit pupils to compete with one another for a limited number of tenancies as to do so is not, in our view, conducive to an effective training environment or compatible with the supportive and collegiate nature of KCH Garden Square.

7. The pupillage award is £26,500 over 12 months, consisting of:
a. A monthly award of £1,500 in the ‘first six’ plus reasonable travel expenses.
b. Guaranteed minimum earnings in the ‘second six’ as follows:
i. Month 7 - £1,750
ii. Month 8 - £2,000
iii. Month 9 - £3,250
iv. Month 10 - £3,500
v. Month 11 - £3,500
vi. Month 12 - £3,500
c. We will also cover the costs of compulsory training and assessments required by the BSB during your pupillage year.

8. There is no ‘clawback’ on receipts earned by the pupil. Pupils are guaranteed to earn the above amounts as a minimum, each month, regardless of how much they may earn in excess of the above minimums in other months.

9. KCH Garden Square invests a great deal of time and energy into its pupils and is committed to providing the best training possible. We have received accreditation as a Bar Standards Board approved AETO and use a comprehensive Training Programme designed by Higher Education professionals.

10. In addition to a pupil supervisor dedicated to your professional development, pupils are assigned a ‘Pupil Buddy’ from the ranks of our junior membership, a ‘Clerking Mentor’ and will have access to a friendly and supportive network of like-minded professionals who want to ensure you thrive in your junior years of practice.

11. We value our pupils as members of our professional team and are committed to your development, training and wellbeing. Pupils can expect to take advantage of our comprehensive policies, including those relating to:
a. Compassionate and parental leave,
b. Equality, diversity & inclusion,
c. Wellbeing,
d. Part-time working.

12. Our pupils and members enjoy a good work-life balance, are expected to work reasonable hours and to take periods of leave to safeguard their wellbeing and ensure they are able to work efficiently, delivering a high standard of service to their clients.

13. We are passionate about improving access to and equality in the profession. Many of our members are involved in widening participation, equality, diversity and social mobility initiatives on circuit and with law schools. To that end, there is no ‘buy-in’ or financial investment required in order to become a tenant at KCH Garden Square.

14. We are a friendly, collegiate and sociable set where pupils can expect to be invited to a wide range of social events. Pupils will also have an opportunity to contribute to KCH Garden Square’s numerous employability and widening participation initiatives, if they so wish.

15. The high quality and volume of work in chambers, together with the commitment to your development and a collegiate atmosphere, makes pupillage at KCH Garden Square a comprehensive and thoroughly rewarding experience.

16. More details about Pupillage in chambers can be found here: Pupillage - KCH Garden Square - Clear | Compelling | Approachable

How to apply
1. Applications are by way of application form found on our website, here: Pupillage - KCH Garden Square - Clear | Compelling | ApproachableApproachable. Completed applications should be sent by e-mail to and marked for the attention of our General Manager, Mrs Hannah Scothern. The deadline for applications to have been received is 14:00 on 09 February 2022, any applications received after this time will not be considered.

2. Care should be taken to ensure that you complete the correct application form for the pupillage you wish to apply for (Civil, Crime or Family), and that you mark your e-mail accordingly. Each of the different pupillages use a different application form. You must complete the correct form and mark your e-mail accordingly. You may apply for more than one of the pupillage vacancies, if you so wish.

3. For this Civil & Financial Remedies Pupillage, you should mark the subject of your e-mail as “Civil & Financial Remedies Pupillage Application”.

4. We are recruiting pupils into Civil, Crime and Family, with each available pupillage having its own advert on Pupillage Gateway and its own application form on our website. You should take care to ensure that you complete the correct application form, subject to which pupillage you wish to apply for and mark your e-mail accordingly.

5. You may, if you wish, apply for more than one of the pupillages available at KCH Garden Square.

6. All applications for Tenancy, Pupillage and Mini-Pupillage at KCH Garden Square are assessed in accordance with Bar Council Fair Recruitment Standards.

7. KCH Garden Square operates a ‘blind marking system’ whereby markers do not see an applicant’s name, address or educational institutions. Markers do see qualifications and grades, but not the name or address of the institution which awarded those qualifications. If an applicant is invited for interview, the interview panel will see all details on the application form, including institution details.

8. Each section of the application form is marked individually; out of 6, using the following ranking:
1 – Poor
2 – Below Average
3 – Average
4 – Good
5 – Very Good
6 – Outstanding

9. Markers of applications are looking to assess an applicant in the following areas (in no particular order):
a. Academic Ability,
b. Non-Legal Extra Curricular Activity, including transferable skills,
c. Legal Experience,
d. Advocacy Experience/Aptitude,
e. Commitment to the Bar and practising at KCH Garden Square.
f. Written presentation including clarity and persuasiveness of presentation/argument,
g. Work Ethic,
h. Insight/awareness of practice as a Barrister.

10. You should therefore consider, when drafting your applications, how you meet the above criteria.

11. Applications will be assessed by the Pupillage Committee and thereafter a shortlist of applicants will be invited for interview. There are typically one or two interview rounds, which include an advocacy exercise provided to interviewees 30 minutes in advance. All pupillage applications are second marked, with some moderated by a third marker.

12. KCH Garden Square intends to interview shortlisted applicants by 01 May 2022 and to make offers of pupillage on 06 May 2022.

13. Subject to the number and quality of applicants, we reserve the right to recruit more or less pupils than advertised and to make ‘reserve offers’.

14. Due to the high number of applications received, we will not usually be able to offer feedback on unsuccessful applications. Those shortlisted for interview may request feedback, to be provided in line with the availability of the interviewers.

15. The Pupillage Committee will produce a generic feedback report, highlighting common feedback themes, which will be made available on the Pupillage section of our website, after completion of this recruitment cycle.