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Stour Chambers - 12 Months - October 2022

AETO information
Name of AETO:
Stour Chambers
Head of AETO:
Simon Johnson
Address of AETO:
8 Vernon Place
AETO's website address:
Main practice area:
Family Law
Practice areas:
Civil; Family
Specialist services:
Public Access Work; Mediation; Pro Bono
South eastern
Number of junior tenancies (in the last three years):
Pupillage vacancy information
Number of pupillages:
Financial support level:
£12,000 - £19,999
Closing date:
9 February 2022 at 2:00 PM
Pupillage start date:
4 October 2021
Pupillage type:
12 month pupillage
Stour Chambers is looking to recruit two pupils for a 12-month funded pupillage beginning in October 2022 .

Chambers is a regional set with a strong local practice in all levels of family and general civil litigation. Pupils are expected to gain experience in both areas and practice in both areas during their second six.

We will be offering a grant of £16,601.00. Half of the figure will be received in the first six on a monthly basis. The second half is by way of guaranteed earnings in the second six. Past pupils have successfully earnt significantly more than their guaranteed earnings; subject to the availability of work, there is no restriction on the amount a pupil may earn during the practising part of pupillage. Once qualified, most new tenants’ earnings exceed £60,000.00 in the first year.

We will also fund travel expenses during the non-practising part of pupillage as well as the cost of compulsory courses with the Inn (subject to the pupil being responsible for the costs of any necessary re-sits).

Stour Chambers advertises and recruits’ pupils on the basis that any application for tenancy could be accommodated; 100% of pupils in the past 5 years have completed their pupillage successfully and have been offered tenancy. Pupils will have a response to any application for tenancy at least 6 weeks before the conclusion of their pupillage.

The successful candidate will benefit from stimulating and robust training in the full range of Chambers’ work. There are several pupil supervisors who will be responsible for the training who have a wealth of experience in practice over many decades between them. Chambers’ training programme is detailed, diverse and offers flexibility not just in terms of addressing a pupil’s personal circumstances, but also in the way in which the training is organised with a focus on self-reflection and a collaborative effort between Supervisor and Pupil.

Chambers has a firm belief that pupillage is an effective way to recruit new tenants and is committed to equipping pupils for a successful career at the Bar. Chambers attracts a large volume of junior advocacy work and is therefore keen to expand. Previously pupils have been welcomed into Chambers life and given constructive feedback so as to give them the best possible chance of securing tenancy at the end of the year.

Stour strives to be an equal opportunities employer and is committed to diversity amongst its staff, members and trainees. We therefore encourage and welcome applications from underrepresented or disadvantaged groups (including, for example, women, BAME candidates, disabled candidates and LGBT+ candidates). We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled candidates to demonstrate their suitability for the role and to consider flexible working in appropriate cases.

The criteria upon which Stour Chambers will seek to recruit pupils during this round of recruitment are:
a) Intellectual ability;
b) Experience – both legal (optional) and non-legal;
c) Promising Advocacy skills (both written and oral);
d) Communication and interpersonal skills;
e) Integrity, honesty, and the ability to self-reflect on one’s work;
f) Motivation to succeed in a career at the Bar;
g) Desire/commitment to practising at Stour Chambers in Kent.

If successful and prior to starting pupillage, candidates must provide the following evidence:
a) the official certificates/transcripts of the university examinations referred to in their pupillage application form;
b) the official transcript of any examination taken or notified between the acceptance of pupillage and its commencement;
c) clear documentary evidence of their satisfactory completion of the vocational component of Bar Training (alternatively, where relevant, that they have passed the Bar Transfer Test) within the last 5 years and/or any relevant waiver;
d) clear documentary evidence that:
(i) they are a member of an Inn;
(ii) they have registered their pupillage with the BSB; and
(iii) their nationality or immigration status allows them to undertake the pupillage.
e) They have been called to the Bar of England and Wales
Further information and Chambers’ Pupillage Policy is available on our website
Application Questions

The following questions will form the Pupillage Application Questionnaire section of the application form for this pupillage vacancy. These are included here to allow you to prepare in advance.

  1. BC1: Why do you believe you will make a good barrister? In your answer, please identify any relevant experiences or skills that you believe may help you in your career (250 words)
  2. BC2: Why do you want to join our chambers? In your answer, please give reasons for your choice of chambers and explain why you are interested in our areas of practice (250 words)
  3. Identify one area of law that you think is problematic and if you had the ability, what you would do to address that area of law. (200 words)
  4. What was the hardest challenge you faced thus far in your career, and what action did you take to solve it? (200 words)
  5. If there is anything else you would like us to know about you, please tell us here. (200 words)
How to apply
To apply, please click on the Apply Online link below and then complete the online application form.
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