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Blackstone Chambers - 12 months - September 2023

AETO information
Name of AETO:
Blackstone Chambers
Head of AETO:
Monica Carss-Frisk QC and Anthony Peto QC
Address of AETO:
Blackstone House, Temple, London
AETO's website address:
Main practice area:
Practice areas:
Commercial; European Law; Competition; Civil; Employment; International Law; Public Law; Human Rights
Specialist services:
Number of junior tenancies (in the last three years):
Pupillage vacancy information
Number of pupillages:
Financial support level:
£60,000 - £100,000
Closing date:
9 February 2022 at 6:00 PM
Pupillage start date:
4 September 2023
Pupillage type:
12 month pupillage
Chambers occupies modern premises and offers a friendly and supportive environment in which to undertake pupillage. The range of work undertaken is wide ranging, including:

Commercial: financial/business law, international trade, banking, regulatory, insurance, media and entertainment, sport, intellectual property and professional negligence. Also conflicts of laws and jurisdiction/cross border issues.

Employment: all aspects (including discrimination) are covered by the extensive employment law practices of members of chambers.

Public law: incorporates all areas of administrative law and judicial review, acting both for and against central and local government agencies and other regulatory authorities and including commercial judicial review, together with a very broad range of human rights issues.

European & Competition law: forms an integral part of the specialist practices of individual barristers and includes the full range of EU specialisms in the UK and the EU courts post Brexit. A strong competition law specialism offers insight into regulatory enforcement and private damages actions.


Pupils attend an induction week. Thereafter pupils see the varied practices of members of Chambers including commercial, employment, European and public law/human rights through pupillage. Blackstone Chambers offers up to four 12 month pupillage. Pupils have four supervisors during pupillage and because pupils are exposed to such a wide range of legal areas, the 12 month pupillage is non-practising. Pupils are provided with comprehensive advocacy training throughout pupillage to ensure advocacy experience.

Successful candidates will have demonstrated high intellectual ability and will usually have at least a 2.1 honours degree, although not necessarily in law. Individual awards of £70,000 are available. The pupillage committee has discretion to consider applications of up to £20,000 of the pupillage award to be advanced during the BPTC year.

A new tenant can expect a busy and wide-ranging practice with opportunities to specialise later.


This is for applications for pupillage to commence in September 2023.

Applicants who have completed mini-pupillages with Blackstone Chambers may be called to pupillage interviews to be held in late April 2022, after which pupillage offers will be made on 6th May 2022.

No pupillage is ultimately offered at Blackstone Chambers unless the applicant has undertaken an assessed mini-pupillage. We shall be interviewing applicants for mini-pupillages up to early April 2022, provided that the application has been made before the application deadlines.

All applications for pupillage through the Pupillage Gateway will also be treated as assessed mini-pupillage applications. However, if an assessed mini pupillage has already been undertaken with Blackstone Chambers, it is unlikely we will require you to take another in the same academic year.

Since we insist on an assessed mini-pupillage as part of the overall pupillage applications procedure, we offer financial assistance either in respect of out of pocket travelling or accommodation expenses incurred in attending the mini-pupillage, up to a maximum of £250 per mini-pupil.

REFERENCES: We will not take up references or require university certificates or transcripts until a candidate’s application has progressed through to offer of a mini pupillage. We will contact you at the relevant time to make this request. At that time we will require at least two academic references and a copy of your university official documents to be sent direct to We strongly advise that you have contacted your referees and your universities well in advance of this possible requirement so that these supporting documents can be submitted by 10 April 2022 at the latest. Any delay may prejudice the processing of your application.

Any queries about applications or mini-pupillages should be sent to Further information is also available on our website

Blackstone Chambers will be using the Rare Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) when processing applications this year again. This allows us to understand each applicant’s achievements in the context in which they have been gained. We understand that not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper and we want to recruit the best people, from every background. You will receive an email inviting you to participate on submission of your application through the Pupillage Gateway. For more information, please refer to our Website.
Application Questions

The following questions will form the Pupillage Application Questionnaire section of the application form for this pupillage vacancy. These are included here to allow you to prepare in advance.

  1. Please list (if not already specified) subjects, grades, and your degree class of undergraduate and post graduate degrees undertaken if at all possible (300 words)
  2. Why do you believe you will make a good barrister? In your answer, please identify any relevant experiences or skills that you believe may help you in your career (200 words)
  3. Why do you want to join our chambers? In your answer, please give reasons for your choice of chambers and explain why you are interested in our areas of practice. (200 words)
  4. Do you intend to practise in England and Wales? (Y/N) (100 words)
  5. Blackstone Chambers reference number from previous application, if applicable. (100 words)
  6. Is there any other information which you wish to bring to Blackstone Chambers' attention in connection with your application? Please give details. (250 words)
How to apply
To apply, please click on the Apply Online link below and then complete the online application form.